Ugh...Sib Essentials samples not loading

Hi all. I delayed as long as possible, but Sib is no help, and other forums have no answers.

First off, VDL 2.5 works fine.

Essentials will not load the actual samples. The graphical represesntation of the proper sound is there (such as the yellow box that says ";Garritan Personal Orchestra for Sibelius Sound Essentials";). When I click on the instrument, and try to play the keyboard at the bottom of KP2, none of they keys turn blue to show that samples are loaded. Some fast facts, and things I have tried:

";Active Devices"; Shows {Devices}Kontakt Player 2, {Type} Kontakt, {Sound Set} Sibelius Essentials

KP2 is 'pointed' at the proper file on my external drive (E:/Sibelius Libraries/Essentials) It shows up correctly in KP2.

I uninstalled, and re-installed Sib and Essentials thrice so far. I thought it was a Sound Set problem, but the XML file is where Sib says it wants it. (C:/Sibelius Software/Sibelius Sounds/Essentials)

I have not purged samples, and I have tried reloading all samples in an instrument.

In KP2, when Im trying to play a score using Essentials, the meters jump, the keyboard keys at the bottom move, the mod wheel moves, the MIDI connector to the left of {MIDI Ch (A) 2} blinks as it should when its reciving information.

VDL 2.5 works in the same score that Essentials does not.

";Wavetable SW Synth"; works fine when it is enabled and Essentials with the Essentials Sound set is disabled.

GPO and JABB (full versions) work, but I have to manually load them in to the players (the old 8 slot Kontakt Player) and play with the Mod wheel. (I dont care about this problem, just  thought it might be a useful clue)

When I try to play a file (or when Sib opens) the Load screen comes up as though its trying to load the samples. It ";blinks"; meaning it opens and closes very quickly per instrument. It looks like its trying to load the samples but doesnt. Again, VDL2.5 loads normally.

It worked before the new reformatting of the HD and OS reinstall.

I realise this is not a VDL problem, and Mods feel free to delete or tell me to shove off and stop using your bandwidth. Im completely stuck. Im sure the solution is going to be something ridiculously easy. I just cant figure it out.

So, essentially, Sibelius isn't loading the samples into the Player?
Correct drumcat...probably a bit too wordy of a first post, but wanted to describe as best as I could what was happening.
No no, the ";wordiness"; is a good thing, but I wanted to make sure that this was the actual problem.

Can you load instruments manually?
Found the problem. It actually came to me in my sleep. Its wierd what goes on in my brain.

The .nkx1 and nkx 2 file were showing up on my HD as 141 k and 1 gig (.nkx1 was way too small). When I tried to copy/paste the files directly from the disc to the HD, I got a Cyclic Error. Basically I have a disc that has a problem and would not copy the .nkx1 file completely during an install, leaving no samples there to load. The Sib installer or Windows did not give me this error during install, only when I was copying the files from disc. 

I burnt the two files from my other computer on to DVD..copy/paste...done. Works fine.

drumcat thanks checking the thread and trying to help! Mods feel free to lock.
You know, that's one of those things that ends up being a gotcha...  I've seen it a few times now.

Jim listed the proper sizes somewhere by posting a screen capture of the file sizes.  Maybe that's due for an FAQ?
Yeah maybe an FAQ. Its really an infuriating problem when you're sure you have it set up correctly and it still doesn't work. I was in a very bad mood for a while.
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