I finally got my VDL sounds to work in Garageband, wonderful. But now I can't get them out.  No matter what sound I use, whether it be through Kontakt or the regular Garageband sounds, I am still getting a snare drum bank of sounds on top of them.  However, they are not recording, I just hear them when I play the midi device. Any idea on how to get rid of the sounds I am hearing?  Other than drinking a lot...

John Wooton
Hey John,

Check my PM.  I'm still laughing.�� Thanks.�� Anyway, did you check out these two sites:�� ��[b]and[/b]

Honestly, I haven't used Garageband so there is bound to be someone on here that can help you better than I can.

Take care.�� By the way, I dig your Website.

Yes, those sites were very helpful.  I could not find those earlier and had to get help on the phone.  No need to take to drinking, just yet.

Glad to hear that I was able to help.

Don't let a little good advice get in the way...  :)
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