Playback issues on Rack Combo A

I've got a finished multi-percussion score with two staves (Vibes & Rack Combo A). On the Rack staff I'm using Wind Gong, Mark tree, and the 2 hi-hat sounds (open and closed). Everything inputs fine and sounds clear. However, on playback, I'm not hearing the hi-hat sounds. I started from the template and built the instruments from there (Sibelius 5.1, VDL 2.5, iMac 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Ram, OSX 10.5.2).
Im not in front of my computer or the Template read-me, but...

Is there a note head change/articulation involved that has to be done to trigger the correct sounds?

Just a thought.
I think Tito is correct. Make sure you have the ";+"; or ";o"; articulations added to your hi-hat notes.

If that's not it, attach an example sib file so we can take a look.
That's did it! Thanks, That's why I'm a newbie!
I just helped Jim Campbell.

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