Question about Yamaha picc. xylo

Does anyone have any hints on how to mount a Yamaha picc. xylo to a Yamaha marimba?  I've seen it done many times, but the xylo I got (used) doesnt have any of the harware with it.  I'm sure there are some innovative ways to get it done.

Thanks in advance!

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From personal experience, at Colts we used yamaha drumset tom arms. We got sockets that go on a socket wrench that match the shape of the tom arm and attached them to the underside of the xylo. After that you mount the tom arms to the accessory bar on yamaha keyboards flat, with the top of the tom arm facing directly forward of you. You use two of the tom arms. Do you have a e-mail where i can send you a picture of what i mean? The pic is of bells being mounted but its the same thing. The only difference is we used wooden cubes with a metal plate that covers the bottom with a hole in it for the tom are to go to. This would be a good idea if your xylo is new and you dont want to drill holes straight through the frame of the xylo. I hope this helps and if you have a questions about the setup, don't hesitate to ask. :)

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