New demo - "Picture Perfect" by Brian C. Blume

Just posted to the VDL demos page is a great arrangement of Mussorgsky's ";Pictures at an Exhibition"; for indoor drumline by Brian C. Blume. Not only is this a very clever and well-arranged piece, Brian has done a masterful job of using sounds purely from VDL to create a very realistic rendition. What's more, Brian did this completely in the Sibelius 5 environment - no sequencers. Brian created the audio recording with Audio Hijack for Macintosh, which is also where he applied the reverb to give it that gymnasium sound.

Listen [b][url=]here[/url].[/b]

Kudos on a great job Brian!!
Nice job Brian.  Very musical.
Great arrangement!

It must have been a lot of work tweaking the velocities in Sibelius, but the end result is a very good mix.
sounds really good... I love it when people find that they are able to do what seems like more when they have fewer resources. Simply astonishing!
VERY cool!
Whoa. That was totally worth listening to!
Fabulous attention to detail!

I particularly like the recursive harmonies with the lower mallets at the end.  Very nice progression.

Two thumbs up!
This arrangement is very creative.
I don't know if Mussorgsky would be happy but I am!

Great work!

Thierry Pilote
very well done!  Enjoyable and creative.  Wow, we have such cool community here with VDL.  Thanks to Tapspace and the gang for providing the product and this interactive forum.  It's a pleasure to be among such talented composers and knowledgeable teachers/percussionists.

Owen, I second those sentiments as well.
I third that idea lol
Can I ";fourth"; it? :)
Wow!  Great stuff, Brian!  And to do all of that within the Notation environment....nice!  Kudos!!
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