Reverb Problems

Does anyone know how to take out the reverb on my playback on VDL 2.5?  I cannot find a way to get rid of it.

Thank you.
What's your system specs?
320GB hard drive with 3 GB of RAM.
jmulcahy - you'll find that assistance will be more forthcoming if you can be a bit more detailed in your description of the problem. Your system has many more specs than just hard disk space and memory. You should include information on your OS, CPU, soundcard, audio driver settings, which notation software you may or may not be using, and what exactly you're doing to achieve the unwanted behavior you're seeing.

Keep in mind, other users may view your post for years to come. So when possible, we try to refrain from short, non-descript posts because they aren't informative or helpful to others. If we arrive at a solution together in this topic, it may help someone else who experiences the same problem, but not unless the problem is clearly defined.

Your question pertains to reverb. This would lead the first question - have you applied reverb? By default, VDL sounds do not play with reverb. So either you've added a reverb plugin (knowingly), or your host program (which hasn't been stated yet) may have reverb applied already. With no information to go on, I can't even guess.

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