Quick Question W/ Instrument Changes

Hello All,

I am trying to use the C6 Key in Rack Combo A to write a short sus cym roll.  It seems as if any Sus Cym (A5 and above) does not appear on the staff as cym notation nor does it playback with the correct sample.  Is this normal?  If so, then doing an instrument change is needed correct?  The actions I have taken is I have imported the VDL 2.5 house style and I have added an extra instance of KP2 with no change in the Rack A or B.  The playback is a tom sound.  Thanks

Happy Easter
So I'm understanding the problem correctly, are you saying that you have the current Instrument Change on this staff already set to Rack Combo A? If so, my first question would be whether or not you've added the 3-slash articulation to the note. If not, that would explain why you're getting the tom sound. Remember, using the new Sibelius 5/VDL playback method, proper playback will be reliant on 3 main things:

1) notehead
2) placement on staff
3) articulation assigned (if applicable)

Also, for sounds that rely on an articulation being attached (such as what you're describing), you probably won't hear the proper sound when simply clicking on the note (not during playback). It seems that Sibelius doesn't do that yet. However, if you play just that staff, you should notice that when the playback line reaches that note with the proper articulation assigned, it'll play the correct sound during playback.

Let me know if this helps solve your problem.

Happy Easter to you as well! :)

I knew it was something simple that I wasn't doing.  Thanks Jim

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