Human Playback (dynamics) - Finale 2008

Windows XP - Intel 1.66 GHz
Finale 2008
VDL 2.5 + Kontakt Player 2

I'm have VDL 2.5 integrated into Finale 2008 with Kontakt Player 2 and for some reason, any dynamic markings that Human Playback is supposed to read are not being included in playback.  For instance, a passage marked at piano sounds no different than a passage marked at forte. 

I have checked all of my Human Playback settings thoroughly again and again (";incorporate data"; and ";play recorded key velocities";).  The weird thing is, crescendos and decrescendos DO seem to play back, but they are hardly noticeable (EX: p to ff sounds like p to mp).  I have also tried changing the % value for cresc/decresc to the highest amount, but still no difference.  Altering the key velocities manually with the midi tool didn't even seem to have any effect. 

This is really puzzling me because I used VDL 2.5 and Kontakt 2 a few months ago with Finale 2006b and I had no issues with playback.  I recently upgraded to Finale 2008 (I got the new templates from Tapspace too), and now this happens.  Any ideas?

I have heard other issues with the Garritan Concert and Marching Band not being read properly with Human Playback.  It is certainly possible, but I have always goten best playback with HP set to NONE and then editing MIDI Data with the MIDI Tool, although I have recently been getting prety good playback with HP as well.

There may be some settings in the HP Preferences that you can create or edit to get these to playback better.  HP Will read from the Staff Name to see what you have and if you have a Staff Name like ";Perc. Aux.Timpani"; HP may certainly have an issue with this.  This is just an example.  But, you can go into the HP Preferences and set certain techniques etc, to take effect ";If Device Name contains...";  ";If Staff Name Contains...";  ";No Filter";  etc. 

What happens if you simply change the Staff Name to ";Percussion"; ";Percussion 1"; etc?  Does playback get better?
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