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I am sure most of who uses this forum is familiar with Collin McNutts work with the Glassmen in 2002, (great drumline!).  I am trying out the same kind of set up  with my snare line having drums attached to the snares, (were are going to be using 10'' toms). 

My question however, is how can I notate this in sibelus 5, using vd2.5, keeping both parts on one staff?  Also, how can I set this up for playback?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks J Mattson!
This has been talked about before- not this specific instrumentation, but how to make a different combination of instruments on one staff.  Basically you will have one staff that is visible that looks how you want but is silent, and others that are hidden that sound like you want. 

Here's a quote from Jim regarding the same concept with cymbals:

[quote]For the cymbal notation, it might be less hassle (than creating two scores) to simply create two cymbal staves. I.E. ";Cymbals"; (for print), then ";Cymbals Play";. In the mixer, hit the ";mute"; button on the ";cymbals"; staff so it doesn't play back. Then you can make those notes look exactly how you want. In the ";Cymbals Play"; staff, keep it activated for playback, and enter all the VDL2 articulations there. Once you're ready to print your score, select all the staves you want to see (don't select the ";cymbals play"; staff) by command-clicking (mac) or ctrl-clicking them (PC). Then activate the ";Focus on"; feature in Sibelius. Now only the selected staves will display, but you'll still hear the playback cymbal staff which is simply hidden. ";Focus on"; is a pretty cool feature in Sibelius.[/quote]
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