Noteheads and playback

I am using Sibelius 5.1 and VDL 2.5 together on a Mac with Leopard.

I am trying to notate some crossover sticking for my Tenor Drums and want to do that with a Diamond notehead. When I do this, it changes the sound of what the tenors are doing and is not the desired sound anymore.

So my questions are:

*Is there any way to change the notehead without changing what sound is played back?

*If there is no way to do what I just asked, can I have some suggestions on how some of you notate crossovers for tenor players? I am not stuck on one thing or another...this is just how I have learned to notate it and it has not been an issue until now.

Your help is appreciated!
if you look in the template, there is a part of it that tells you what noteheads to use...

check here...

sorry i dont know hot to do images on here yet... i should probably look into that... for changing noteheads, its a feat, but if you are up to it, it is possible.

there is a little bit of info on this here...
The fact that Hugh accounted for this when creating the Sibelius template is just one more reason why he is THE MAN!

Thanks Justin!
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