Searched and can't find a solution: Snare Buzz rolls playback problem

Sibelius 5.1
VDL 2.5
Using the latest template as of posting this

I'm using the ";manual"; marching snare instrument in Kontakt. Anyways, when I hit the correct key, I get any buzz roll I want and I hear it just fine. When notating the rolls, I hear them as I press the keys on my midi controller. The problem is that buzz rolls will not play back at all. I'm trying the sustained roll, crescendo, and decrescendo rolls. None play back. If I click on the note itself, there still isn't any playback.

I've tried checking and unchecking the ";play tremelo"; option in the note properties. I've also tried the note with and without the articulation mark (z) and still nothing.

Someone else on this forum posted a similar problem (maybe even the exact same problem?) and got it working, however all he said was that he got it working. He didn't explain HOW he got it working.

Side note: I just switched from Finale to Sibelius. Also, I'm new to VDL. So far I'm very impressed!

Thanks in advance :)

[B]For those of you with this same problem:[/B]
I have found a solution. Click here: [url][/url]
Ok, so you ARE using a MIDI Keyboard/Controller of some kind, but are you adding the correct articulation to the notes? Make sure that after you type the notes in from you keyboard that the noteheads match the ones template, and that the correct articulation is on there.
Well, the problem seems to have ";fixed itself.";

I tried to reproduce the problem in hope to find the cause, hence producing a solution to share on this forum, but I was unsuccessful.

Oh well, thanks for the help anyways :)
Notes that require and articulation (such as the Z on the stem) won't sound correctly when you simply click on the note. However, when actually playing back in sequence, they should play correctly. As far as I can tell, this is just a Sibelius quirk where it doesn't calculate all these variables until it's playing back. If you still aren't hearing proper sound during actual playback, read on...

[u]There are 3 things that will determine if this playback will function properly:[/u]
1) Location on staff
2) Notehead assigned to the note (you can view this in the ";notes"; section of Properties window)
3) Articulation assigned (if applicable)

To double-check which notehead should be used, where it should be placed on the staff, and what articulation should be assigned, be sure to consult the ReadMe included with the Sibelius/VDL template.
I love when problems fix themselves. Those are the best kinds of problems. :)

Glad to hear you're up and running!
Good to hear... glad you could err help yourself? lol
I was able to recreate the problem and find a solution. I posted it in a new thread and referenced it in this one (for the people using the search function).
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