What do you listen to?

Simply put, what groups have you been digging lately and what sort of stuff would you recommend for our humble community of people to check out?  Here are a few from me...

[b]The Renegades[/b]
Based out of Chicago, the frontman for this group is none other than Paul Mutzabaugh who played quads for Cavaliers 97-00. All three CDs they've cut are awesome.  They can best be described as a very ecclectic fusion group. Check out ";On The Make";

[b]Kick the Cat[/b]
Another Chicago-based fusion group. Check out ";Camel Toe vs. Snaggle Tooth"; :-)

[b]The Everyday People[/b]
An Austin-based group that, to me, is almost a mix of Maroon 5 and John Mayer, in terms of the musical content.  Just saw these guys at Galveston and they were pretty darn good.  The guy who is now their drummer is an old high school/drum corps friend of Robbie Green, a member of the forum here. Anyhow check em out...

Those are just what I'm listening to as of late.  Bring on the goodness!
A very cool album I'm listening to right now.

Michael Udow - Over the Moon


An Endless Sporadic - http://www.myspace.com/anendlesssporadic

These guys have a song on the latest installment of Guitar Hero, namely ";Impulse";.  Check out ";The Adventures of Jabubu"; on their MySpace.

Cool Stuff.
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