Configuration for VDL 2.5 with sibelius 5.1

I need help,

I am a high school drummer and am using VDL to make cadances. I recently found the VDL template for Sib. 5.1 and was doing the configuation as it said to. I put the XML file in sounds and set the play back as it said to ";Tapspace VDL 2.5"; but when i went to start a new score the VDL thing didn't show up...

please help or ask for more info that could help you answer my question.

Thank You!!!!

I think those may help.  Make sure you are using the Sibelius template and follow all of Jim's screencasts.  They are very in depth and may help to solve your issue.  Also, before someone else says it.  I would make sure to search to forum before posting a new topic.  You'd be surprised how many others have been in the same boat with the complexity of these systems.  Have good times.
thanks alot
really i appriciate it
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