Playback issues

Sibelius 5.1/VDL 2.5 Playback issues-  I am wondering if anyone has had any issues with playback.  When I playback battery scores i've written, it sometimes sounds like it rushes when the metronome mark is set.  Is there a solution to this? 

Also-  How can I increase the sound of accented notes on playback?

Please check the post below in regards to giving system information.�� You may want to post this System Information in your Profile so that it is always there at anyones disposal so that we don't have to try to search for a previous post that has that from you.

I have a Dell Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4400+ with 3GB RAM and 320 GB Hard drive. 
There's a lot to read here about playback performance- just use the search feature.

Regarding the sound of accented notes- you will have to adjust the velocity of the notes you want to change.  Check out the Sibelius manual section for ";Viewing Live Playback velocities.";  However, I think the solution isn't bringing the accents up, but instead bringing the other notes down to a more realistic tap sound.
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