re: OT- This forum has it good!!

I just wanted to commend the entire Tapspace Forum community for their continued professionalism in their posts since it's creation.

";"; is a forum for Texas Band Directors. It ";can be"; and was ";designed to be"; a great place for like minded people to discuss typical band stuff. It has, of course, been taken over by people yelling at each other for having different opinions, arguing about Eddie Green being God (if you're not a Texan, don't worry about it), and why if you're not a Texas band director, than you obviously are not that good.

I read these posts and get a chuckle, and am glad to see that this site has not turned into that, through the efforts of Jim (to delete those kinds of posts), and of the community (to not post them in the first place).

If you find yourself with some free time you should check it out. There ARE a lot of well written posts with good information, but it's the rude pointless ones that I love to read. Call it a guilty pleasure:)

Ya'll take care.

Ralph, you are 100% on your analysis of this board over TYB (both of which are almost daily reading for me). But, to be totally honest, this board is not only awesome because of the expertise and professionalism displayed, but because you have to register to use it and, in theory at least, people know who you are.

When you can post anonymously on a forum, you can bet that a good deal of hell will break loose. Such is the case with TYB.

That being said, would you rather hang out in a room of various band directors or a room full of VDL users? I know what I'd pick!
Being a band director (for 27 years), I know who I would pick ;)  ... the VDL room.
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