Un-register VDL 2.5??

I just ordered a new quad core processor XPS system from Dell and I would like to go ahead an unregister VDL 2.5 from my old desktop since I am also running it on my laptop. I came a cross this text on the native Instruments website:

";Note: The de-activation option has been removed from this page due to optimizations in our activation system which make this option unnecessary for the time being. Please note that still a maximum of two parallel installations is allowed. Please refer to the terms of use for further details.";

Does this mean I won't need to deactivate my registration on my old computer before I can do a successful install on my new one when it gets delivered?
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=2391.msg12709#msg12709 date=1207204288]
There's no longer a need to deactivate the old computer.

Thanks, that is kind of what I figured but the way they have it worded on the website makes it sound like the deactivate option may have only been taken away temporarily.
There's no longer a need to deactivate the old computer.
When you install it on your new PC you will go in to the NI Service Center.  From there you can deactivate your old machine and activate your new machine.

I've not seen that message before, but I haven't had to activate it for a long time.
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