Tilt or no Tilt?

Was reading some threads on Drum Corps Planet and came across one about SCV going back to the tilt this year.  Found some of it quite amusing, figured I share.


surprised the '[i]Tilt masters'[/i] haven't rang on this yet....probably tired of hearing it too...lol
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=2400.msg12803#msg12803 date=1207838353]
Traditional grip was created because drums were tilted in their sling, so I say tilt it unless playing matched grip.


History Lesson time...

The ";Traditional Grip"; actually predates the marching snare drum, and goes WAY back to clay pots that were held up by the face, and were tilted downward, for the left hand to play on an angle.  This stuck when drums were mounted to the human body, and carried on for a VERY long time.

Now, as far as Tilt or No Tilt.  The shoulders of a player playing flat mounted traditional has the left shoulder raised, and therefore putting more pressure on that shoulder.  Yes, we have been fighting through it for a long time, but the Tilt is starting to let players play with a more natural technique.

However, it is a fad, and I'm guessing we will see it go away....
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