Finale 08/ VDL 2 for macs

I need some help someone.  I have finale 08 and VDL2 and I am trying to get the two programs to work together.  I have a mac laptop version 10.4.11.
So far I have both programs onto the computer, and I have set up the IAC bus driver, and selected the inter- application box in the finale midi window.  I have heard about cutting and pasting the VDL2  VST folder which I have, into the VST from finale (of which I can't find maybe its called something else). So with that can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for the help.
Tim Greene
Just some basic info. There is no need to use the VSTs with your Mac. In this case you are using AUs (Audio Units). This way VDL will work as a plug-in with Kontakt Player rather than as a stand alone with the  IAC bus. However, I'm not sure if your version of VDL (VDL2) works with the version of the Kontakt Player which comes with Finale and VDL2.5. I would suggest you update your version of VDL. This should solve all issues.

If you want to stay with VDL2 then you will in fact need to use the IAC bus and run VDL in stand alone. This means setting up the output from VDL to the IAC bus and the input to Finale as the IAC bus.

Ted Boliske
You will want to check your mail.  I have you covered with your questions, and we covered some of this already.  There is a couple of articles in the FAQ section on how to do what you need to do if you do not have VDL 2.5.

[url][/url] = Running Finale in Rosetta (I would suggest AGAINST this)

Check Page 7 of the attached Document for instructions on how this would be setup:

If you had the newer VDL 2.5 this would all be able to be run within 2008, and most importantly would run natively on the Intel Macintosh.

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