Hiccup in Sibelius 5 playback with VDL 2.5.1

Hey guys,

I've had VDL 2.5 since December and i've been loving it. It wasn't until recently i've been experiencing this problem. Whenever i play back a full score of winds, front ensemble and battery it hiccups slightly. I have two vibes and two marimbas in the score and a couple of doublings of instruments in the winds as well. Whenever i play back just one marimba and one vibe with battery it plays back perfectly fine. But when i add the other two keyboards it hiccups just ever so slightly. I have a mac book pro with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of ram and 160 GB hard drive. The computer is not even a year old.

Thank you so much for your help by the way. These hiccups are driving me nuts. :) All i do is go to the options button in the Kontakt player 2 menu, correct?
Check through your VDL 2.5 user guide. Since it's a PDF, you should be able to do a quick search for ";DFD."; There's all kinds of helpful information in the user guide.
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