Hiccup in Sibelius 5 playback with VDL 2.5.1

Hey guys,

I've had VDL 2.5 since December and i've been loving it. It wasn't until recently i've been experiencing this problem. Whenever i play back a full score of winds, front ensemble and battery it hiccups slightly. I have two vibes and two marimbas in the score and a couple of doublings of instruments in the winds as well. Whenever i play back just one marimba and one vibe with battery it plays back perfectly fine. But when i add the other two keyboards it hiccups just ever so slightly. I have a mac book pro with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of ram and 160 GB hard drive. The computer is not even a year old.

Matt and Justin-

Thank you for the great advice. As soon as i turned off the Airport and played back my score, it played back flawlessly every time i hit play. Thanks a bunch guys. :)
These are all good points to consider. Another thing that may not have been touched on yet is your hard drive. Typically for best performance with sample streaming a drive that spins at at least 7200 RPM is a good consideration. Most laptops ship with slower hard drives (5400rpm) which helps preserve battery life. This is usually one of the first things I'll update in any new laptop, but your needs may differ. If you're trying to stream hundreds of voices simultaneously (watch the polyphony meter) this is something to consider. If it's just a four line battery score and you're still getting hiccups, there would likely be some other tweak that might be needed in your settings. When you're hearing breakups, describe how stacked your overall polyphony meter (in KP2) is getting.
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