Question for Jim about Video Software.


What software did you use to record the tutorial videos?  I am trying to figure out how to make a quicktime movie file to have people visit to see progress of the writing I'm doing for them.  Sending mp3s or .wav are not an option because either the employers school e-mail or home e-mail isn't large enough to accept it. 


anyone feel free to chime in with software suggestions
I have used Camtasia and it works really well for stuff like this. If trying to make videos in the same nature, I also use ViziDesk's MouseLight. It is a pretty cool thing to use with Camtasia. Also Jing Project is pretty cool. It is still in BETA stages, but it works for me. Just my $.02
Justin's suggestions are good ones if you're on Windows. I did the VDL screencasts with iShowU which is a mac program, and Snapz Pro has been a longtime favorite as well.

I downloaded the demo of iShowU, and I could not get the audio playback?  I couldn't find anything about it searching their website, and I downloaded the suggested software when you click computer audio but is this something that you have access to when you purchase the software?  I have already uninsulated it because it had huge green print on the videos.  One more thing, do I need QuickTimePro to do more editing with this?  What problems have you had with it? 

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