Audio Editing Programs

Hey guys,

Im relatively new to this whole thing and i was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction to a good audio editing software thats free or light on the wallets. Im a mac user running tiger so anything that works with that and produces great results would be a great suggestion. Thanks a bunch.

Google: Audacity. That's the crowd favorite around here and it's free.

Not too shabby for a free program, either.
I second that...Audacity is a very good application that is free.
Peak LE is also a good program. And since you are using a Mac, Garageband should have come loaded on your hard drive. ";What specifically are you hoping to do with the program?"; is probably the real question.

Ted Boliske
im looking to make some good quality recordings. add reverb and stuff like that. i know sibelius does this but i wanna be able to work with the audio clip a little bit more.
Do a google search for ";Wire Tap Studio"; by Ambrosia Software.  VERY cool program that will run you around $30.  You can add tons of effects and can manipulate the audio files as well.  Pretty cool stuff...
Garage Band gets the job done, and you already have it.  There's already a tutorial for it and everything!  =p
GarageBand since you have it, and it was free. But Audacity is a really sweet little app as well. It has grerat functionality, and I have yet to have any type of problems with it.
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