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Hey guys,

Here at SHSU, we are working on getting a percussion ";club"; started. We are already approved by our student organization office and yada yada yada, but I was just wondering if any of the guys here have been part of such a group, or maybe even got one started and if so how did you go about getting the ball rolling. We are currently working on a new constitution, fundraiser ideas, and all that good stuff that goes along with any new group. If anyone has any input please feel free to reply!!! Any and all responses WILL be read and myself, and the entire percussion crew here at SHSU will be very thankful for all the info!

Hello!  It just so happens that the PAS website has some info
on college/university percussion clubs:


You may have already referenced that info in starting your
club.  If not, then maybe it will be useful to you
and especially others engaging that process.  And
hopefully everyone of the club members wherever they
may be is a PAS member.

Take care!


I agree with Neal - a student PAS chapter is definitely the way to go!  Good stuff!


(Current Kentucky Chapter of PAS Secretary and former 5 year member of the University of Kentucky Percussion Society - our student chapter of PAS)
Neal, Dave,

Thanks for the pointers, we, as a club have already checked out the PAS resources. It's all good stuff, and we are taking it all into consideration. How does the process work for becoming a student chapter of PAS? We originally started out just wanting to be a campus group, but if we can be ";adopted"; by PAS that would be awesome!!

Once again thanks for the info!
Iowa State University has one, and I played back when I was there��_

I don't know much about how it all started, but I can try to answer questions if you have specific ones.
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