**Read this before updating to Sibelius 5.2**


Today, Sibelius released the 5.2 update. We are asking all Virtual Drumline users currently engaged in projects running in 5.1 to please hold off on this update for a short while. Certain items in the way Sound IDs have been reformatted will cause the prior, 5.1 Tapspace VDL sound set not to function properly and a proper template/soundset update is in the works and should be available soon.

Thanks for your patience, and please spread the word to any other VDL users you may know who are currently working within Sibelius 5.1.
Hey Jim, any word on the update to 5.2.5 for Sib. and how that will affect VDL?
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Hey Jim, any word on the update to 5.2.5 for Sib. and how that will affect VDL?

Due to busy schedules, etcetera, anything related to 5.2.5 has not been fully tested (will be eventually though).

Based on my understanding of what the 5.2.5 update fixed, you should not have any problems using the 5.2 Template with it. If, of course, you come across something that doesn't seem right, please let us know.

Any other important information we find will surely be posted.

Never download an update of any kind mid-project though.  If you're writing a show, finish the show first. 
Indeed. We don't foresee major problems with this and haven't heard of any meltdowns yet.

One warning which came from the folks at Sibelius is this. Be careful importing or exporting house styles if you're using 5.2.5 with the VDL template for 5.2. They mentioned that if there are similar noteheads existing in both house styles, they may be merged in a way that deletes some of the necessary custom noteheads existing within the 5.2 template.

We will eventually have more information on more specifics. But in the meantime, this is just something to be aware of if you proceed into 5.2.5.

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