**Read this before updating to Sibelius 5.2**


Today, Sibelius released the 5.2 update. We are asking all Virtual Drumline users currently engaged in projects running in 5.1 to please hold off on this update for a short while. Certain items in the way Sound IDs have been reformatted will cause the prior, 5.1 Tapspace VDL sound set not to function properly and a proper template/soundset update is in the works and should be available soon.

Thanks for your patience, and please spread the word to any other VDL users you may know who are currently working within Sibelius 5.1.
Thanks for the heads up Jim!
Good to know... I almost got the update but I turned here before I did... Glad I did!

Thanks for lookin out!
Thanks for the info Jim.
Thanks Jim

Looking forward to your updates.
I was not as fortunate to have read this warning before I updated to 5.2. Is there any way of resorting back to 5.1? Even if I re-install Sib5.0 the 5.1 update is no longer on the Sibelius website. Ouch!

Check the link below...


there are links to download 5.1 for both Mac and Windows. Hope it helps.
Thank you palosjr.
No problem, glad I could help.
Just an update to this discussion I discovered after updating to 5.2, I talked with Sibelius yesterday.  The Sibelius 5.1 link is no longer on their website.  They are mailing a 5.1 DVD to me and it is the only way to return back to 5.1.  So if like many others you've blindly gone to 5.2, you'll have to talk with Sibelius technical folks to have them mail a copy of 5.1 to you.

Steve Filippelli
Mechanicsburg, Pa.
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