2008 Finale and VDL2

I finally got Finale 2008 and I have had VDL2 for a couple of years in a box. I need help. I have done everything I can think of and I can't figure this out.
Did you read the manual that comes with VDL?  Did you download the template and try using that?  You're going to have to be a lot more specific with your problems before anyone can help you.  We'll also need to know your computer specs to help narrow down your problem.
Please read the post below before answering with any more information.  This is critical for us to help you and give you the correct information:

Thank for the advice. Here are my specs.
1. VDL2
2. Finale 2008
3. Windows XP 2002
4. CPU- 3.06 GHz and 1.96 GB RAM
5. MIDI for Finale
a. Input-none
b. Output-Maple MIDI Out : Port 1
6. MIDI for VDL2
a. Input-Maple MIDI In : Port 1, everything else is off.
b. Output-All off.
7. I am playing Finale through VST
8. Sound Card for VDL2
a. Direct sound
b. Sample rate is set to 44100
c. Output is DS Realtek AC97 Audio

I was able to get Finale to play through VDL2. The problem is how to get the right snare sound for my snare part and so on. I am also having trouble with volume control. I have my computer all the way up but when I play my arrangements I can't hear them very well. I am also getting a box pop up saying, Default MIDI Output device with this message- The specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free, and then try again.
I guess I am confused as to why you are using the VDL in standalone mode.  You should be able to open this straight from within Finale by going to the MIDI/AUDIO MENU -->VST SETUP and then choosing ";Virtual Drumline 2"; here.  This way, you would not have to use the Maple Midi ports which should clear up any issue with your Default Midi Output device issue, as using Maple Midi: Port 1 seems to cause issues sometimes with this.

And just to clarify, you are using VDL 2.0 (only holds 8 instruments) not 2.5 correct?  This will make a difference in where to make some adjustments in the volumes.

OK I am getting the VDL sounds through Finale. I uninstalled Maple Midi. Yes I have VDL 2.0. I am still having trouble with volume. Also when I put notes on Middle C for any of the instruments they don't match the sound on Middle C for the Kontakt player.
If you're not already, you should consider using a MIDI keyboard for note entry. That way, when you enter that middle-C (via the midi keyboard), Finale's drum map for that staff will interpret the MIDI pitch and place the note on the correct staff location with the correct notehead.

Without a MIDI keyboard, you'll need to place the note on the correct staff line or space. You won't know what's ";correct"; until you view the drum map of the selected instrument you're working with. With that note entered in the correct position on staff, I believe you can use the '+' or '-' keys to cycle through various mapped sounds that are assigned to that note.

Either that, or possibly consider an on-screen ";virtual"; keyboard input device, but that may make your setup seem more confusing, and results in a much more cumbersome routine of mouse clicking.

Either way, the alternatives to a MIDI keyboard are less efficient, and because of the complex percussion mapping in VDL, it was designed to be used in conjunction with one.
OK That works. I will consider getting a MIDI keyboard. Thanks for your help. You guys have been very kind.
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