Sibelius Keyboard Skin

A small plug for a buddy of mine, Marc Schonbrun.  Marc is a Sibelius and Pro Tools trainer and gives 35-40 clinics a year for the company.  Marc is also a Native-Instruments artist.  Marc developed a keyboard skin for Mac keyboards and Sibelius as well as Pro Tools.  The skin has the shortcuts on each key with easy reference.  There is no standard windows keyboard, which is why it is only available for Mac.  Visit to purchase.  I am a Sibelius power user and this skin has taught me shortcuts that I never even knew!

Gabe Cobas


[b]PRO TOOLS[/b]
One more reason for me to eventually make the switch over to the world of Mac.
I think I'm going to order one when I get my new Mac in.

It looks pretty in-depth, and it's priced better than the full keyboard Windows one I bought from Digi.
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Does it make the keys respond different? Does it feel any different?

It does feel different.  The skin is very thin and is washable.  This is great for me when traveling and I have to switch between emails and Sibelius.  The skin keys fit perfectly on the keyboard, no nudging whatsoever.

Does it make the keys respond different? Does it feel any different?
Looks pretty sweet...I think I am in.
Very nice... all the more reason for me to purchase my Mac.
The Pro Tools one looks pretty nice.

I'll check into that.
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