No Sound in Playback

I have been using the VDL Sib 5.1 template successfully for a few weeks now and I really enjoy how realistic the sounds are. Today I opened the file that I have been working on and the there is no sound at all. For some reason the Kontact Player is not loading when I open the file like it normally does. I tried the trouble shooting suggestions in the VDL 2.5 user guide but did not have any success. I have also done nothing new to my system since I have started using VDL. I am using VDL Sib 5.1 on a Macbook Pro OS X. Thanks in advance for the help,
Have you messed with your playback devices? That's happened to me before, and it was because I didn't have the right configuration loaded. Go to ";Play..."; ";Playback Devices..."; and make sure the right configuration is loaded for what you need (they will be in the right window).

That's kind of a simple solution, if it's more complicated, hopefully someone smarter than me will jump in:)


You might want to put your full specs (programs, RAM, processor, OS, etc.) in your signature so you don't have to keep retyping it.
I do have all of my playback devices set correctly. For some reason my Kontact Player is not loading when I open the score. I may need to find a way to do this manually.
Thanks for the help,
Perhaps you exceeded the 30 day period without registering?
That was it! I got VDL, Sib. 5 upgrade, and a midi keyboard on the same day. I forgot to register VDL during when I got it. Thanks for the help,
I only thought of it because it happened to me :)
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