A couple of instrument maintenance questions...

2 issues....

Is there any way to get crotales cleaned up?  I have used various cymbal polishes on my 10 year-old Sabian crotales and I can't seem to get them shined up.  I'm wary of using anything too abrasive that might affect pitch.  They just don't seem to have the brilliance (sound and appearance) that they once had.

I have an old set of Ludwig copper timpani bowls that are pretty beat up.  Does anyone know of anyone that would hammer them out and shine them up.  It seems to have really affected the sound of them as well. 

I know that it would probably be easy to say, ";Well, you have gotten plenty of use out of them, just buy some new gear."; I hate throwing stuff away and would much rather clean up something old then buy something new. 

Whoever thought that taking nice concert instruments outside was a good idea anyway?

check these guys out for your timps.
I wouldn't mess with the crotales beyond some warm water and dish soap. Cleaning cymbals, gongs, etc. almost always diminishes the quality of the sound. Crotales are tempermental in first place, and you could end up doing more harm than good. My 2 cents.
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