Scanning with SmartScore 5 into FINALE 08/VDL 2.5

Any FINALE users try scanning with SmartScore 5 into FINALE and specifically VDL2.5?  I curious how well it works.  I'm guessing that it's going to work much better after the $200 upgrade to SmartScore X, but if it can save me some input time, I'd like to invest in a decent scanner.  Any help is appreciated.

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I have colleagues that are able to get very nice scans from SmartScore.  Finale is going to use the SmartScore lite to import TIFF files that are made.  I would suggest saving this as an XML file and then importing it into Finale as an XML file rather than having the SmartScore Lite try to scan and recognize something that was already scanned.  It would be a better result that you would get to import the XML that you can save from SmartScore Pro.

You will also then have to Copy and Paster the Music that you get into your VDL template or other template that you have because the recognition will Optimize a score there by making it really difficult to see any new staves that are created, new time signatures, etc.

Let me knw if you need further clarification.  But beyond this, the VDL setup with Finale shouldn't be any different than it has been working.
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