What to do and "The Wisdom of Solomon"

Good afternoon fellow Tapforumites,

I have a dilemma: I can purchase either a new
I-Mac 3.06 ghz with 4 G of Ram or a new
Macbook Pro laptop, but not both.  We have
funds in the budget for one or the other.
I currently have a desktop PC in my office
and a G4 Powerbook laptop as well.  I'd like to
heave my PC into the Black Warrior River.
The G4 has been a good friend, but is no longer up
to the demands of VDL 2.5 and Sibelius 5.1.
Does anyone have some Solomon-like advice?
And it is probably fair to say that being able to
purchase either of those great products is not
a dilemma.  Of course, my family comptroller,
Mrs. Flum, would help greatly by okaying the
purchase of the laptop:-)  I look forward   
to your sagacious advice.

Take care!
Wow Neal...tough predicament!!! I would go with the desktop, which will be more powerful then the laptop and will give you a larger screen size.  You can run Sibelius on the G4 without the sounds when you need to make changes on the fly.

Yeah, if the computer is going to be on the desk most of the time, get the iMac.  I recently got a MacBook Pro only because I'm going back to school and know I'll be using it on the go. 

You might want to consider the refurbished Mac Pro quad 2.66 selling for $2k.  It's a lot more future-proof, and you probably have a monitor already.
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