Resurrecting Marching Cymbals


So, we have some Zildjian Stadium Cymbals that I really like, but they are ";worn out"; from four years of polishing. In addition, the logos have been wiped off.

Can you send your cymbals back to Zildjian to be re-stamped and professionally cleaned? If so, who do I contact and how much is this going to set me back?

Contact Keith Aleo, Director of Eduction and Orchestral, keitha(at)  Keith will point you in the right direction, plus he's a just an all round cool guy and amazing musician.  Tell him that Gabe Cobas says hello!

Thanks Gabe! I'll shoot him an email.

Well, Zildjian was a bit of a deadend. They were very nice but explained that they neither professionally clean cymbals or re-stamp them.

So, what have you done?
I know Zildjian sells a cymbal polish, have you tried that? Thats what I use where I teach, we always tell our students to polish around the logos to get them to last as long as possible, but eventually they do wear out. Another alternative is to bite the bullet and buy a few more sets, after all that is how the company makes its money, and besides its always a great product.

I found this topic discussed on another forum...

Hope this helps!
I thought I had heard somewhere that you can buy the stencils from Zildjian to ";restamp"; your cymbals.
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