Sibelius and 6-8-7

I am currently running Sibelius 4.1.5 and VDL 2.5.  My question is not with VDL (which is the most awesome thing to ever happen to percussion writing).  I'm arranging 6-8-7 for my kids and I would like to set it up in the score to look like the one in ";Fresh Perspectives"; but more importantly, have the parts show the correct time signatures for each instrument (to make it easier for the players).
You can check your Sibelius manual for this info.  it'll be under the heading for time signatures and different time signatures in the same measure. I'm not at my computer so I can't give a definite answer here, but I think that'll get you on the right path.

Hope this helps.
This is some weird stuff.�� It seems that the only way I can do this is drag the notes around, hide time signatures, create fake time signatures, hide real barlines, create fake barlines, and rebeam the music.�� What a pain!
I copied this straight out of the Sibelius 5 Help File (F1):

In cases where two or more time signatures with different bar lengths are required, such as 4/4
and 5/4:

[li]Calculate the lowest common multiple between the two time signatures ��� in this case, 20/4 ���
and create that as the time signature[/li]
[li]When all of the music has been inputted, delete the 20/4 time signature and drag the first note
rightwards until there�۪s enough space for a replacement time signature[/li]
[li]Type the 4/4 and 5/4 using text ��� to do this you�۪ll need to create a new text style (see above)[/li]
[li]Add the extra barlines using the vertical line from the Create > Line dialog.
This method has the advantage of ensuring that systems end at coinciding barlines.[/li]

However, after doing some simple math, I realize that you're lowest common multiple would be 168.  A 168/8 bar would be pretty nuts. Oh well, good luck!

Did you try the next idea they have below that in the manual (p. 157)?

[i]";If simultaneous time signatures always have barlines in different places, adopt the same procedure,
but remove the barlines in one staff (see Hiding barlines on some staves only in
b 2.3 Barlines), then use the vertical line from the Staff lines pane in the Create > Line dialog
to draw in suitable barlines where you want them.";[/i]
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