New Finale 2008 Templates Available

New templates for Finale 2008 have been added to the Updates page. These will work only with Finale 2008 or later. there are 2 templates in the folder, one each for indoor and outdoor. The indoor template includes staves for synths, electric guitar, and bass guitar as well as a single line staff for adding visual cues to your score. Both templates now include Linked Parts so that changes made to a part in the score will now be made to the individual part as well. It should be noted that Finale 2008 now includes the ability to add audio to your score making it easier to have any voice over or commentary added to the score.

You may download the templates at:
Ted you are a deity.
Sweetness...thats all I got to say....
Ditto on the deity. Thanks a bunch Ted!!

Can you make this topic a sticky so it doesn't get lost with time when going to page 2?

Ted Boliske
Of course! I meant to do that when the post first arrived. Sorry about that! We should be sticky now.

Thanks again Ted!
This template saved me last night! <laugh>  Thanks!

David Vita
Hi All!

Is anyone having any issues with the Finale 08 outdoor templates?  I just built a new PC and re-installed everything, and when using these new Finale 08 templates, the snare parts are all over the place. For example, the basic right and left hand hits are showing in the 10 and 12 staff positions.  (using the template file: VDL2.5FIN08_outdoor_temp_1.0.mus )

Everything is fine with the indoor templates, and when I compare the two they look identical.

Please tell me I've missed something simple....


Make sure that either ";All named notes"; or ";All notes"; is checked in the Percussion Map Designer.

Staff Tool > Staff Attributes > select staff

Notation (percussion) > Select > select snare map > Edit

check ";All named notes"; or ";All notes";

Ted Boliske
Thanks Ted! 

That was a simple correction and it seems to have done the trick.  Exactly what I needed!
I've noticed the same problem. I have to go into the staff tool and make sure each instrument is tended to the same way. Otherwise all of the notation is really whacky.

On that note, I've noticed that all of my stems are out of whack too and have NO idea how to get them to appear correct on the screen, or printer for that matter. For instance, when I enter and upbeat eighth note, and the downbeat is a rest, there is still a stem pretty much hoverring over the downbeat whereas there used to be just a normal eighth note following an eigth rest. Really frustrating and I have found no answers in my search for them.

Oh well, back to searching for answers..... :)

To fix problems with stems go to the ";Document Preferences"; > ";Stems";. From here you can modify the look of the stems and rests.

Ted Boliske
Ha! At first I was telling myself that the document options weren't helping to fix the problems, but the problem was really ME lol.

Yep, I apparently can't figure out what the difference between a stem and a beam is :)
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