VDL:2.5 NI Kontakt Installer Patcher doesn't install anything - Mac OS X 10.5.2

So I just got a Mac and I'm trying to install VDL to it. I'm using NI's installer patcher. It goes through the motions, but it doesn't actually install anything. It says it installed 4 files, but I still don't have VDL installed.

Any ideas? :'(
edit: changed the thread completely
edit: changed the thread completely
The bad news is that installing on Leopard is a bit more of a pain than normal. The good news is once you've done it, everything sings nicely and you shouldn't have to deal with the install inconvenience again.

Doing a fresh install of VDL 2.5 on Leopard will require you to have the DVD, your serial number, and the hotfilx patch provided by NI. There are instructions on Leopard installation at this link:


If you get stuck along the way, please let us know.
I don't know if I should reply here or in the main Leopard thread... but anyways.

When I run the Leopard Patch Tool installer from NI's website, I select the VDL DVD, but then I get an error stating ";No Installer application could be found. Patching will be canceled.";

A bit of a roadblock, I'd say ;)

edit: uhh okay... I did absolutely nothing different and now the installer is working. I'll keep you posted :-P

edit 2: sweet! VDL is installed! Problem though: I can't get the service center to install. For some reason, it just keeps trying to install VDL again, as opposed to installing the service center.
Glad to hear you got over the first main hurdle. Hang in there - you're almost there!

What I would recommend is to just download the Service Center installer from the NI website. The one they have posted there should be Leopard compatible so you don't have to mess around with all the patch stuff. Here's the link:

Ahh yes. That did it. It's now registered and currently downloading the 2.5.1 update. Finally - I'm on a mac with Sibelius + VDL! The experience couldn't be any better.

Thanks a lot for helping me yet again :)
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