inputting crushes for snares

I've noticed that the notation for a crush is a custom articulation (the squiggly line). I tried inputting this using the symbol function on sibelius (z hotkey) but I haven't been able to get the playback to play a crush. How do i enter this articulation to make the playback play the corresponding sound?

The problem is that you're using a ";Symbol"; which won't have any affect on playback. Instead, use an ";Articulation."; If you're using the Sibelius/VDL template (which it sounds like you are), this articulation has been programmed as a custom articulation in the fourth keypad layout. Refer to pages 18-19 of the ReadMe that comes with the template and it illustrates this for you.
Thanks Jim,

I found it... the problem was that the keypad doesn't have that actual symbol in it but rather a box (like the symbol didn't load) is the squiggle supposed to be displayed on the keypad or is that button just the place holder for the articulation. Either way... it works so thanks!
is it possible to do this to sibelius 3? can i change the articulations on the 4th keypad layout ?
On page 62-63 of the Sibelius Reference (pdf) you can find info about the three unused spaces on the fourth keypad where ";you can assign further articulations
if desired";.�� Read the last paragraph of page 62 (it continues briefly on to page 63).�� It will further tell you that the buttons on the 4th keypad will not update to show your selected articulations.�� And, ";that custom articulations are only available in the score in which you redefined them; to make them available in other scores, export the house style (b 7.7 House Style��).";

As far as Sibelius 3 goes, read page 135 in the Sibelius 3 User Guide (thick paperback book).�� It says the same thing as the Sibelius 5 Reference.

i let my friend borrow it and i never got it back. Is there a possibilty someone could P.M. me and give me the text from that page?
nope, that did it, thanks !
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