Tenor Dreads, Rods, rims

So I'm trying to access the dreads on the Tenor Manual instrument. I'm using my Oxygen 8 keyboard in the correct octave because I am getting the shots. So how do I get the dreads? I've entered in text ~C1,32 and I get nothing other than the shots still. I looked at the ";read me";  and only found that under dictionary name, value and sound ID it states ";correct noteheads in score. Anyone want to guide me through that or do I need to read further in the read me document?
Well, if I understand your problem correctly, there's an easy solution.  You just need to change the notehead numbers to the ones that correspond to the desired sound i.e. 40 for right hand rims in the TenorLine Manual instrument.

You can accomplish that in one of two ways:

1) hold down [b]alt + shift[/b] (Mac: option + shift) then sequentially enter the numbers, in that case 4 then 0
2) Go to the [b]Properties[/b] dialog then the [b]Notes[/b] tab.  There is a drop down menu for the notehead there as well.

Hope this helps.
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... do I need to read further in the read me document?

Read the entire document at least once. From there you can reference the sections you so choose, like page 33 in the Mapping Diagrams.

Also make sure you have viewed the video tutorials - there are 8 of them:

�� ��[url]https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/Sib51.html[/url]
Thanks guys for this help. The option shift and entering the number works for me. Also thanks for guiding me back to the videos for some more shortcuts.
Yea, those videos are very helpful... especially the last couple. A must see for the whole family!
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