Rack Mixer?

Is there anyway you can mix the rack sounds because there all like diffrent volumes. say i have hi hat and wind chimes the hi hats crazy loud and i cant hear the wind chimes.
You can always add specific dynamics to those notes and some advanced users may even use hidden dynamic markings to control certain passages.  I know I have done that and it works great.  Depending on your software you may be able to edit the volume in you sequencer or in sibelius you can may be able to use the Live Playback Velocities.  In Finale you can use the MIDI Tool to edit this information.
I use live velocities in sibelius to manage the ";loudness"; of the aux sounds. I find that using he dynamics makes more work later when I print out parts because I dont necessarily want a student trying to play wind chimes at FFF. If you're just using the music for playback then it doesn't really matter. I do recommend learning about live velocities though as they can be applied to any instrument.

there are quite a few threads here discussing live velocities...

That one should get you started... Good Luck!
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