Instrument change-Mix?

Is there anyway you can mix your instrument changes, because ones really soft and the other one is really loud.
Drummer4life - I think what Bryan is gently trying to ask you is to include some more details about what you've tried. What works, what doesn't work? Are you applying any dynamics to your music. Have you spent any time adjusting velocities? You haven't even mentioned what program you're using. We can assume it's Sibelius since you're using the term ";Instrument change"; but it'll really help everyone here (mostly you) if you could take a few moments to clearly communicate your process so others can benefit from the information shared here.
Say im playing xylo with rubber mallets, then i switch to hihat and the hi hats are really loud and you can barely hear the xylo.
I'm going to try and decipher what it is you're looking for...

Are you saying, for example, that you are using the Marimba Hard instrument, then upon switching to perhaps Marimba Medium the levels between the two are not the same?

[i]If you took the time to put together a more concise thought[/i], we could better help you. As I mentioned in another post of yours, you should try posting on a forum geared towards Sibelius where you'll get more focused attention.
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