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Sorry for being such a newbie on this, but I've checked through the forums for an answer to this with none found.

I've downloaded the VDL 2.5 template, but haven't found all the accessory keymaps.  On a side project, I've opened the template and started to input a percussion score.  I've been trying to create a simple cowbell staff that uses the VDL 2.5 sounds and notation.  When I open up the Percussion keymaps, I can't find an Accessory or Cowbell keymap.  The sounds were loaded through VDL as a plug-in, but it still doesn't notate correctly on Finale.  Is there a separate Accessory keymap?

Thanks for your help.
Thank you very much for replying so quickly.
Indeed - there are several smaller instruments in VDL that didn't get a graphical keymap in the official VDL user guide. These instruments are pretty easy to learn in a few seconds by just loading them up, then clicking around on your midi keyboard (or the onscreen KP2 keyboard with your mouse) to hear which keys activate certain sounds.

As Ted pointed out, Hugh Smith went to pretty great efforts to generate his own set of ALL the VDL instruments in two-octave keymappings (which is extra handy if you use a 25-key midi keyboard like the Oxygen8). You can read his post on how to access those at this location:
They are in the PDFs that Hugh put together. You are correct though that they are not in the manual.

Check this link:
I believe some of the more simple instruments don't have pdf keymaps.

There is no specifc ";Cowbell"; keymap for the Finale templates. You can use the Rack Combos instead. These will provide you with a better 'visual' for the instrument (staff placement and noteheads). If you look in either this Forum or the VDL General are there is a Keymap topic in which all of the keymaps can be downloaded as PDF files. Let us know if you need any further help.

Ted Boliske
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