Lost Serial #

Hey folks... ok I ordered the upgrade to 2.5 and apparently never bothered to register it on NI. Then, in what i know is a serious error, LOST my case with the serial with it.  I of course still have the disc and so I am wondering is it possible to recover the serial number for it?

I am not trying to rip anyone off... there is a record of me ordering the update and it has never been registered by anyone else so .... is it possible?

Hope I posted in the right place. I have also sent a Help message from my account.

fingers crossed

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Unfortunately there's not much anyone can do about this. The DVD case that ships with VDL 2.5 is pretty compact and is a great place to store your installer DVD, so I would recommend when/if you locate the case that you store your disk in there for safe keeping. Once you've found it, I'd recommend you register your license immediately. Once you've done that, you can always retrieve it by logging into your NI account, even if you lose the physical case.
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