Any thoughts on the new Mapex drums

The school I work with is checking to see if we can afford new drums for this season and I've started checking into the new Mapex Quantum line. Has anyone seen the up close or played on them with any thoughts? I kind of like what I've heard and the snares seem to be pretty solid. The school I teach now has Dynasty drums that are about 8-9 years old so I'm wondering how these will stack up to those from a quality standpoint.

I've only seen youtube videos and heard Constitution play them from a distance but I've never gotten to see these drums up close yet.
My line has been using demoing prototypes for a year now and we love them. They hold tune very well and are well constructed all around. We didn't even need to change bass heads from the fall season to the winter season and the bass drums still sounded great. They cut through well outdoors and can still be cranked when you get inside. The carriers we used were prototypes as well and were not all that great but Mapex has just announced a line of carriers that looks to be much more ergonomically designed so it appears they have fixed some of the problems there.

Personally I love the way the bass drums look and since they have aluminum rims, I think they hold up a bit better. I highly recommend these drums to any line.

If you have any specific questions about em feel free to send me an email and I'll answer anything I can.
I had a chance to check them out at TMEA, and I liked them. I also have a buddy who marched with Austin Independent and they signed with Mapex for next WGI season. From what he told me they are very solid drums and have good promise and premise behind them.
I played on a prototype set of the new marching drums with ConsTitution this past winter, and I thought they were fantastic.�� The folks at Mapex did a great job taking care of us.

As far as quality goes, I'm not very familiar with Dynasty drums. I played on Pearl drums in high school and college, and if Pearl's products are of comparable quality to Dynasty's, Mapex drums should stack up well against what you've got.
Arizona State has been using them and Glen Crosby and Arizona Academy will be using them this summer. You may want to ask someone involved with these groups to give you their 2 cents.

They are pretty nice from what I have been able to tell. I took a trip to the Jupiter warehouse out in Austin at one point and got to hear a snare, some tenors, and a 20 inch bass.  They were all pretty solid up close.
A high school by me has them.  They sound pretty good, and from talking to some of the instructors they seem to be pretty solid drums.
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