snare drum note heads not right

for some reason when I enter a long decrescendo snare buzz roll the note head is a triangle. I have tried to change it to note 33 and add the z but the properties window only goes up to 31. I know I am missing something simple but can't quite get it.
Are you using the most current VDL template?
I'm presuming by your description that you're using Sibelius 5.1.  Have you upgraded to 5.2? If so, that might be your problem as we have all been advised to hold off from upgrading until Jim and the crew have updated the template for 5.2.

How are you entering the notes... using a MIDI keyboard, qwerty keyboard?

The noteheads menu should go all the way up to 63. Are you sure there isn't a scroll button that allows you to go through the remaining noteheads? At any rate, you can also use the following keyboard shortcut to perform notehead changes: hold shift + alt (mac: shift + cmd) then enter the note head number in sequence i.e. for 33 you would enter 3 then 3, or for 14 you would enter 1 then 4.

Hope this helps!
If you aren't seeing any noteheads past 31, I think it's pretty definitive that the file you're working in did not originate from the template. Keep in mind the [i]template[/i] is different from the [i]sound set[/i] (xml file).
I imported the house style that I exported from the template into my wind arrangers score.

When you exported the house style from the template, are you certain that you included all instrument definitions, noteheads, and playback dictionary items. These portions are crucial for the exported house style to work properly. Also, if there were any custom noteheads already existing in your wind arranger's score, that would offset the imported additional noteheads from the house style, thus causing them not to work correctly.

For best results, it may be better to customize the VDL template by adding wind staves, then copy/paste your wind arranger's parts in from there so you can be certain all VDL functionality will be in tact.
I am on it Thanks Jim!
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