some dynamic issues?

So I have a few problems first of all i dont know how to do a crescendo in sibilius. Ive tried putting the cresc. from expressions and the crescendo symbol from lines and neither one works, so I looked in the VDL Manual and i couldn't find anything there either so i just dont know what to do.

Second, I cant seem to get the snare zone playback working, I tried using the text from the dictionary to work but it wont, but i think the problem is just witht the snares because i wrote puffies for the tenors and they worked.

Press H for crescendos
Press Shift + H for descrescendos

Are you entering the snare zone text using Technique Text (ctrl + T)?

Also, if you are ever having trouble fiding something in the help file, try looking in the index which is at the bottom of the bookmarks in the pdf. And as has been mentioned before, try looking here ( for your Sibelius related questions before posting them.  You might be able to find what you're looking for there.
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Are you entering the snare zone text using Technique Text (ctrl + T)?


yes i am and it still isnt seeming to work
Once you use (cntrl-e) to enter expression text you can then use shortcuts (cntrl-f  for Forte) (cntrl-p  for Piano) (cntrl-m for mezzo)  etc. If you simply type M F or P I dont think it will work. Also make sure you have a dynamic on either side of the cresc or dec. if you start at P and have a cresc but dont specify to what new level then it wont work.  Hope this helps.
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