saving the VDL template

I'm having problems saving the VDL 2.5 template on Sib 5.  i can't save or rename any files i write on the template.
The template, sound set, and readme all come contained in a .zip file. Did you remove the files from the .zip archive prior to working with them? Saving a file within Sibelius is pretty basic functionality, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do it.
is the sound set a .xml file?  i used to be able to save but this just started recently.  where do i put the the parts of the .zip file?
I would suggest you spend a little time reading (and digesting) the Readme file. It sounds like you're confused with some very basic things which are covered early on in the Readme. The Readme is very thorough and contains all necessary information. You may also find it helpful to view (or review) the tutorial videos at:
i put all the files in the right places as directed in video and read through the readme file.  however, i'm still having a problem saving files with the template.

Walk us through the steps you take and what happens along the way
i load the template and set up the instruments, time signatures, etc... then i write something and click ";save as";.  the window comes up so i can rename the file and pick a location.  but when i rename and pick a location it doesn't save there.  it just saves over the original template under the VDL_Sib5.1_Template_v1.0.sib.  so i can't name the file and i have to download a new template every time.
This is just a guess, but you might be launching the Sibelius file (the template) from within the ZIP file it came in. Try placing the template on your desktop before you launch it.

If you're still having problems, I would suggest you contact Sibelius support at
problem solved.....i just re-downloaded sib 5.2 and re-registered.  i didn't think it'd be that easy
Did you read this about possible compatibility problems with Sibelius 5.2? If you run into them, there is information there on how you can downgrade back to 5.1.
i'll keep that in mind.  thanks for the help.  right now i'm counting blessing cuz i can save now

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