Hi Hat in the SnareLine patch not playing correctly - Sib5.1

I seem to be having some issues with Hi Hat playback in the SnareLine Manual (MW) patch in Sibelius 5.1.

I am inputting a 16th 16th 8th note pattern, where the 16th notes are ";Hi Hat RH tight"; (F#2) and ";Hi Hat LH tight"; (F2) and the 8th note is ";Hi Hat RH loose"; (Bb2).

During the actual note input the correct sound is playing back - tight on the 16th notes and loose on the 8th note - however during playback it sounds as though they are all playing back the ";Hi Hat loose"; sound.

I have tried using staccato/legato markings as well as the standard + and ° hi hat markings and that still didn't seem to remedy the situation.

After re-downloading and installing the 1.0.5 Template it still seems to be an issue.

Any thoughts?
The + and � markings are what you need to be using. If they aren't there, I think you'll have mixed results.

Also, here's a little hint that tricks a lot of people with this new system. On notes like this (that have an articulation affecting playback), you'll only hear the affect of the articulation during playback. You won't hear it if you just click on the note with your mouse. It's kind of aggravating, but for now that seems to be how it works.

So be sure those notes are all on the top line, they use either noteheads 1 or 40, and you've added the + and � articulations to indicate loose or tight, and your playback should work.

After you've had a chance to double-check all those items, let us know if it's working for you.
Seems to be working as it is designed to be, thanks Jim. :)

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