sound output problem with finale 2005

I just loaded VDL2.5 on an Dell Inspiron 9300, and am using a M-Audio Keystation 49e.  When I try to play external or internal keyboards I get a mixture of either just piano or piano and VDL2.5 sound regarless of the instrument loaded. Audio setup right now is MultiMedia, 44100, MME Sigma TelC-Major Audio, Latency 92ms. I have downloaded the template and still having issues. Any help is greatly appreciated.
still having the same problem however with a twist.  Because the deadline for having the fall show music written is drawing near I decided to go ahead and start writing hoping I could resolve this issue later.  So I went ahead and took the advice I've read here and opened the VDL template, then added the necessary instruments I needed in the wind parts and then copied and pasted from the score the director/arranger sent me.  Now when I try to playback the score it will not play the wind parts and still will not play the VDL sounds.  I've tried to make the right changes in the instrument list but as well and still no playback.  However when I enter notes with the keystation into the battery parts a piano sound comes out and then upon playback all you hear is the piano sounds playing back from the battery parts.  Any help or guidance anyone can give me is greatly greatly appreciated thanks for your time.
ok think i finally got everything put together right.......whew.........think my problem was in the midi yoke after doing a lot of searching and reading......thanks for all the info!
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