Installation path

I apologize in advance if this is something I am overlooking, but when I installed VDL 2.5 it asked me for a location to install my sound library in and I haven't found anything in the ReadMe's and User Manuals about where to put the files. So, right now I just have the Tapspace folder (with the VDL 2.5 folder in it) in my Documents. Is this supposed to go under Applications?

You can put it wherever you want.  I put the VDL program in Applications, but I have the sample library on an external drive.
Correct. You can put it anywhere you like. Just be sure that if you move it, you make sure to tell Kontakt Player where to look for the library. To do this, open KP2, and in the VDL library box (in the left column), click the ";info"; button where you can navigate to the library path so it knows where to look. If that's incorrect, you'll receive ";samples not found"; errors. Fortunately, these errors are easily remedied by performing the procedure above, and once you've set it, you don't need to continue doing it unless you keep moving your library around.
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