Connecting Macs

Hello everyone!

I have my new I-mac set up in office at work.  It's
wonderful.  Now to my question:  Is there a way
to connect to my I-Mac at work from my Powerbook
G4 at home. My G4 is about two years old.  I'll
look forward to your responses.

Take care!

i found something named Desk Transporter by Devon Technologies.
Let's see how that works.  I can use a trial version of the software.

Here's the website:

Anyone use this software?

Take care!

Hmmm, getting an error: ";Make sure the specified port isn't
firewalled and the hostname is valid.";   
Hi Neal,

What exactly do you mean by connecting your macs? I'm presuming that you mean accessing one computer from another.  If that's the case, you're needing some sort of VNC client, or a remote desktop solution.  One that looks decent for Macs is JollysFastVNC.  I have not moved over to macs yet, so maybe the other guys can help.

Hope this helps at least a little.
Something else to consider would be .Mac.  Although it really isn't worth all $99 (or $69 if you buy at a retail store, just ask...), it does make it really easy to connect Macs remotely.  I use it from work to connect to my Mac Pro at home.  You could always try it out (for 60 days) and see if you think it's worth the money.  Like I said, a little much, but it takes the hassle (or at least it's easier) out of figuring out VNC and what not.  Let us know how you get along.

Something else to consider is networking the computers via Airport/wireless. If what you really want to do is just have access to files or printing this can be done by installing an Airport card into both computers. The new laptop should have one already installed. It is easy to set up and with an Airport Base station, you can connect a USB printer and internet to provide wireless access to all computers in the house.

Ted Boliske

I should read better. The iMac should have the Airport card. You will need to add one to the Powerbook. If I read correct, you want to leave the G4 at home but access it from work.

Apple does have a Remote Desktop capability but this requires some additional software. I have never tried it so my knowledge is minimal.

The remote desktop stuff starts at around $500 I think, at least for the proprietary stuff.

Forgive me for not having properly rendered my
question.  I was looking for a remote desktop
solution so I could access my IMAC at work from
my Powerbook G4 at home.  When I had a PC
at work, I just used the Microsoft Desktop
connection linking a PC and Mac Desktop/Laptop.

The Desktop Transporter for Devon Technologies that
I found claims to be able to provide a desktop connection,
but I keep running into a firewall/port problem.

Here again is the link to that software:


Hopefully, I can get it to work and avoid paying $500 for
a Remote Desktop connection software.

Thanks everyone for your input and have a great
Memorial Day weekend!

Take care!

Maybe this is the answer to the port forwarding problem
while using Desktop Transporter:


Any thoughts?

Take care!

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