VDL 2.5 Not Playing back in Sib 5.1

Hello all,

I just got a mac book for tour and transferred everything from my mac pro (desktop) to my mac book in the set up phases.  I have registared Sib 5 and have registered Kontakt Player 2/VDL 2.5 and I can not play back the VDL sounds.  Now here may be the problem but I'm not for sure.  My Mac Pro is Tiger, and the mac book is Leopard.  Would this have anything to do with the playback. 

All of the sounds sets are set up like normal, but no playback.  Let me know if more information is needed.  Thanks

**I just went back into my desktop to see if anything loaded different, and it seems as if in the laptop, the instruments aren't there to load.  The screen sets up to load the instruments, but it loads nothing. **

I figured out the problem; in the midi set up for KontaktPlayer 2 on the laptop, the IAC drivers are not even showing up under the input/output interfaces.  I am having trouble finding them to activate them.   

Tiger to Leopard shouldn't really be any sort of problem. KP2 and Sibelius work the same way in both.

I'm confused as to why you're looking for the IAC drivers. If you're using KP2 hosted in Sibelius, you shouldn't need those. If for some reason you do, those are activated within your Audio MIDI Setup (in your Utilities folder).

Are you able to load vdl instruments in KP2 when in standalone mode? If so, I wonder if you're using the correct sound set  for VDL (the one that comes with the template). Some more details may be helpful.
The IAC drivers fixed the problem.  The VDL 2.5 sounds weren't loading in Sibelius, but I could load in KP2 by itself.  In the KP2 Audio/Midi set up, after I turned the computer off an on, it found the drivers, I activated them, and the problem was fixed.  I just think it was a small glitch in the transfer files phases when I set up my system.  All is fine now.

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